Antislip protection

Long-lasting, transparent anti-slip protection with C class and high resistance!
This innovative, transparent application creates a perfectly anti-slip and safe surface!
Does not require construction adjustment!

The key benefits

  • Does not change surface appearance becomes part of the surface (does not flake) long-term and lasting protection
  • Does not require construction adjustments
  • Does not change maintenance (usual cleaning)
  • Enables surface cleaning by machine, scrub or chemical substances
  • Significantly reduces the risk of slipping
  • After application, the surface acquires at least R10 class
  • After finishing the process, the surface is immediately usable
  • Hygienic treatment

How does it work?

After layering, microscopic dents will be created on the surface by means of controlled silicium dissolution, which occurs in all mineral materials.
While walking on a wet surface, water is extruded from the dents and due to the depression created, the foot does not slip.
The application does not change the appearance and is usable indoors and outdoors!

What types of materials can be treated?

  • ceramics
  • granite
  • mosaic
  • teraco (terazzo)
  • slate
  • glazed bricks
  • smooth concrete
  • enamel baths
  • basalt
  • other mineral surfaces

Where is it already used?

  • swimming pools, aquaparks, wellness
  • showers and bathtubs
  • bathroom
  • stairs
  • restaurant
  • hotels
  • kitchen
  • schools and kindergartens
  • nursing homes
  • medical facilities
  • manufacturing plants
  • shopping centers
  • wineries, breweries, distilleries

Better option to:

Slip resistant tapes
Tapes are frequently used, however, they are disadvantageous due to frequently peeling off, tearing and bad appearance!

Slip resistant paints
A weak mechanical resistance makes slip resistant paints disadvantageous. These easily wear by walking or are rubbed away. Moreover, the appearance changes

Slip resistant mats
This is a frequent option for showers, bathrooms and cloakrooms. Mildew grows under the mats and even inside the mats, which is then transferred to feet!

Replacing the paving with a new one
Another option to replace paving with a new slip resistant one is the most expensive and the most time consuming.

What is the lifetime of antislip protection?

The technology becomes a part of the material, its life span therefore depends on the resistance of the material itself. The application is designed in particular for natural materials such as paving, granite, marble etc. Our experience shows that such materials are highly resistant and cannot be easily worn out. Our customers may confirm the application’s effectiveness for almost 4 years in a real and well frequented premises!

We made basalt paving perfect!

All of you who have experienced basalt paving must know that this is an exceptional material with a long life span and resistance. However, there is also one essential disadvantage, too! While wet, it becomes slippery. Our application thus has been changed!

Laboratory test of of antislip protection

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