Professional surface cleaning

We clean the surfaces with various types of dirty surfaces. Our own environmentally-friendly, highly effective substances and up-to-date technology is used for the cleaning.

What do we clean

  • Facades of houses
  • Interlocking pavement
  • Industrial halls
  • Industrial buildings
  • Solar panels
  • Removal of limescale
  • Graffiti cleaning


Facade cleaning is our domain. We clean facades carefully and environmentally-friendly from moss, algae, mildew and atmospheric dirt. The application of protective layers preventing the reoccurrence of adverse effects is a matter of course.

Interlocking pavement

We clean moss, algae, mildew, organic dirt and oils from interlocking pavement, inner and outer paving, concrete or tartan. We use our own highly efficient BIO substances to eliminate the dirt.

Roof cleaning

Using the chemical substances and appropriate pressure adjusted to the roof covering, we clean thoroughly from the undesirable dirt. In particular, we eliminate moss and lichen. After this cleaning we also apply protective layers.


Industrial halls are exposed to aggressive effects. We clean building shells from atmospheric dirt, e.g. smog and dust remains. Regular cleaning is essentially prolonging the surface life!

Industrial floors

Our activities also include the deep cleaning of industrial floors, where it is necessary to clean the dirt made with tyres, manipulation machinery, oils, traffic signs or colour remains stuck in the floors.

Other materials we can clean

Grave stones cleaning

We clean graves stones and memorials of  any kinds of stone gently and ecologically.

Protection of sculptures

We clean sculptures from mosses, algae, smog and other undesirable dirt that have been on the surface for several decades.

Stairs cleaing

We quickly and efficiently clean stairs and adjacent walls in the interior and exterior.

Pavement cleaning

Besides locking pavement, we also clean the other types of pavement found in industrial halls or plants

Sidewalks cleaning

In a depth and ecological way, we clean the sidewalks from all kinds of pollution.

Pool cleaning

We clean your indoor and outdoor pool from undesirable dirt and prepare it for both summer and winter season.

Entrance routes cleaning

Cleaning from tires, grease, dust and oil product leaks.

Fence and wall cleaning

We will rid your fence of moss, algae, mold, smog and ensure its representative appearance.

Gas stations cleaning

Deep cleaning of the surfaces from the fuel and ensure that the dirt does not return to the surface again.

Parking lots cleaning

Deep cleaning of parking lots and parking spaces from oil product leaks, atmospheric impurities and tire tracks.

Examples of facade cleaning

Why Nano Fusion?

  • We will come to you, check the surface and prepare best solution for your case.
  • Of course there is a demonstration of cleaning and making a tentative offer for free!
  • Realized more than 500 orders throughout the Czech and Slovak Republic.
  • Using state-of-the-art products and machinery.
  • Operating in middle Europe
  • A trained team of our staff who have experience in surface cleaning and protection.
  • The company is able to carry out 2-3 times a day, 7 days a week.
  • We cooperate with scientific labs in surface treatment.
  • Our company is insured for any damage caused by the activities of our employees.
  • We do not use scaffolding that costs the final price!